1. These rules are intended to provide for the enjoyment and protection of all campers using the Goose Pond Campgrounds. These rules, in conjunction with the Board Policy Campground Rentals, govern campground operations. It is the camper’s responsibility to know and abide by these rules.
2. The Campground Manager has full authority for judgement regarding interpretation and enforcement of these rules.
3. Speed limit is STRICTLY enforced at 10 MPH and if broken camper will be asked to leave. (No refund) There are children and adults walking, playing, and always biking in the campground.
4. A refund is not given for inclement weather, early departure, or any mechanical failure of equipment. Nor is a credit given for days left. We do not reimburse for faulty equipment.
5. Campsites are designated as single unit sites (1 RV or 1 Tent). Rates are based on 4 people over the age of 12. Kids under 12 are Free. $3 extra per person per night. Extra Tent on site is $20/night. Minors (under 18) are not allowed to rent a campsite. An adult must obtain the site and occupy the site with all the minors.
6. Anyone parking vehicles or boats in vacant sites or blocking entrance to a site will pay for that campsite.
7. A camping unit is a motor home, camping trailer, converted bus, van, pop-up or tent. It must be in good working order and neat in appearance. Manager has full discretion on this matter.
8. Campers must safely place and level their camping unit on assigned site without infringing upon neighboring sites. All campers’ items must be within the assigned site and be mindful of other campers.
10. All pets must be confined or be on a leash when outside. No pet may be left outside unattended whether chained, leashed, or otherwise restrained. Pets that become a threat or a noise issue will be directed to leave or remove the pet from the campsite. You must clean up after your pet.
11. The bathhouses are for campers only. The bathhouses are not for children to play in. No pets inside bathhouses. No smoking in bathhouses.
12. The Wi-Fi is complimentary and may vary depending on the demand, your location, and your device and was not built for heavy used such as streaming movies or videos.
13. Parking passes must be clearly displayed in all vehicles on the rear-view mirror upon immediately registering in the campground office.
14. Golf carts MUST BE REGISTERED at the office for permission to use inside the campground. ATV’s, Gators, Mule, Razor, Go-Carts, etc. are NOT permitted. You must be 16 years or older and have a valid driver’s license or be accompanied by a responsible adult if they are between the ages of 10-15. NO CHILDREN under 10 years of age can drive the golf cart.
15. Golf carts must abide by the 10 MPH rule. If used after dark the golf cart must have headlights and taillights. No golf carts (including street legal) are to be outside the campgrounds after dark. We have a 2-rule violation and then you will be asked to remove the golf cart or leave the campground.
16. Normal length of stay is thirty (30) consecutive days on (white) sites. Short-term rentals (yellow, blue, green) are maximum of 14 days. Extension of stays is at the discretion of the manager.
18. No bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc. are allowed out after dark. Do not ride across other campsites. Small children must have adult supervision. Children 15 years or younger must wear a helmet.
19. Campfires permitted in designated fire ring or “man-made” fire pit. Fires are for firewood only and no garbage allowed. Do not leave fires unattended and must be extinguished before leaving site. You can collect dead wood on the ground for firewood. During a dry season or a “no burn order” fires may be under a temporarily banned order, and notices will be displayed.
20. Camper and vehicle washing permitted with a $10 fee in the campground office.
21. No fish cleaning in bathhouses. We have a designated fish cleaning station located as you enter the campground and can be located on the map near site #7.
22. The boat launch is a courtesy dock and is for register campers ONLY. All other users must pay $2 fee at campground office. All boats must use this area to launch a boat. Do not leave boats tied and unattended. All docks are a first come first serve basis shared among campers.
23. Only (1) one picnic table per site and do not move tables around to other sites or places.
24. No trash or trash bags outside your campsite. Dumpsters are located outside the campground across the road at the Civic Center. (Our dumpsters are the farthest to the left.)
25. There is no designated swimming areas. There are no lifeguards or supervision provided and swimming is at your own risk. No swimming in the boat launch area or the boat launch dock.
26. Quiet hours: Sunday – Thursday from 10PM to 6AM. Friday, Saturday, Holidays, and any evening before a holiday 11PM to 6AM. No loud music or excessive noise.
27. Only two (2) vehicles per campsite. You may purchase an additional parking pass for $5 per night and additional parking passes may be limited during holidays. Visitor hours are over in accordance with Quiet Hour rules above. Visitors must leave when the camping party checks out. You are responsible for the actions of your visitors and children and may be asked to leave due to any wrongdoings by your visiting party.
28. Gray water and waste matter discharge onto sites are prohibited. The use of the sanitary dump stations is for this purpose. While using the dump station a hose is required. Do not dump portable type tanks in toilets at bathhouses. Sewer hookup must be sealed with a donut or other secure fitting.
29. No discharging of firearms or weapons allowed. ALL types of fireworks are prohibited.
30. Do not pick up range golf balls anywhere on the complex.

31. Rental fee is to be paid up front. This is for daily, weekly, or monthly sites. If you are a monthly camper, your fee must be paid within 5 days of the due date and after that a $10 late fee will incur along with a $1 per day late fee for each day after the 5-day grace period. NO REFUNDS will be made after the site is occupied.
32. Monthly campers can have (rubber made type) storage unit that fits UNDER your camper. Swings, grills, chairs, bikes, etc. are allowed, but not be excessive. This is not a place to store your stuff. It must look neat in appearance and while gone for any amount of time be stored under/near the camper. Only daily, temporary, clothes lines may be used to dry swimwear.
33. No decks are allowed. No permanent structures, fences, or excessive amounts of flags are allowed. No items shall be placed on a site that gives the appearance of being a permanent site. No digging on any site. Any landscaping items must be cleared by the campground manager.
34. No tow-behind enclosed trailers on sites for storage and cannot be parked on site.
35. All outside lights must be on a timer system or can be motion detectable. Lights cannot be left on all night or during the day. No excessive lighting is allowed.
36. No outside refrigerators or freezers allowed on long term sites.
37. Monthly campers are responsible for winterizing their outside faucets and failure to do this may incur fee for any damages done to site.
38. Goose Pond Colony Campground is operated in a family friendly manner and all campers should conduct themselves accordingly. Disorderly conduct, threatening behavior, belligerence, alcohol, drugs, etc. may result in immediate expulsion. If police or security is required, you may be asked to leave and could be banned from the campground. If you are asked to leave for any reason, there will be no refund.