My son and I started fishing Goose Pond a few months ago.  Since then, it has become our weekend retreat!  We’ve fished other areas of the lake, but when we leave the house on Saturday mornings, we always end up at the Goose Pond Marina.  The hospitality of the staff, and of course, THE FISHING is second to none!”

On Saturday Mar 22, I accompanied two friends from church who were viewing a Carver Boat for sale at Goose Pond. This Carver was located on the pier that is over closest to the fuel dock, and was tied down in the about the 2nd or 3rd slip on the right as the pier was entered. A broker from Erwin Marine was there for the showing. While my two friends were giving the Carver a detailed look, I headed down the pier to see the Floating Condo River Tug. Along the way down, several other boat owners were all very happy to meet and talk to. I can understand the security and privacy issues that a marina might face, and so I always treat any pier/marina with the utmost privacy. The owners of a large houseboat called “Copper” something invited me and my two friends on-board for a tour. Another couple farther back was doing some spring cleaning, and told us how much they liked Goose Pond Marina.

Compared to Ditto Landing back at Huntsville, one of the best things I liked about the marina at Goose Pond is the width (beam) of the main pier. Wherever boat owners have benches, coolers, wagons, or other items out on the pier, having the added width keeps the main pathway from being too cramped. Also, the Goose Pond Marina has a very clear look of overall “cleanliness” including the public restroom/shower facility located there next to the parking lot.

As for boating, I am a kayaker and have visited Goose Pond countless times. My favorite thing to do is launch at the bait/tackle shop and cruise all the way around the loop using the pass-through beneath the little bridge. The water lilies which grow out along the channel heading out away from the marina are a sight to see!

Let’s hope my friends make a decision soon about buying a boat. They have been looking at some other models, but they seem to agree that Goose Pond is the place to be!!”

You can always count on a slugfest on Guntersville Lake. It’s one of the finest fisheries we have.”

The only thing that could stop you from catching bass here is if the lake freezes over.”