Marina facilities are provided for your comfort and convenience for the safety and enjoyment of all, it is required that vessel owners, their crew, and guests, abide by the following rules and regulations.

All vessels using the Marina must comply with all health and pollution standards of the state of Alabama, ADEM, and the US Coast Guard.

  1. Boat Owner shall provide proof of liability insurance for Goose Pond to have on file and maintain liability insurance on the vessel as long as it is berthed at Goose Pond Marina.
  2. Only pleasure vessels, in good condition and under their own power, shall be admitted to the berthing areas. In the event of emergency during the owner’s absence, i.e., breakdown of bilge pump, leak, bad lines, etc., the Marina is authorized to make or contract for repairs as economically as practical which will be charged to owner.
  3. Noise shall be kept to a minimum at all times. Owners shall use discretion in operating engines, generators, radios, and television sets, so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance. No charcoal grills are allowed on docks or boats.
  4. Boat owners are responsible for the behavior of their guests. Fishing is allowed on the docks but is limited to two guests who must be accompanied by the boat slip owner. Please be courteous and thoughtful of others. Do not leave trash or bait on the docks.
  5. NO TAMPERING with electrical, plumbing or any part of the dock facility. Only Coast Guard approved heaters are to be used in bilges. The use of electric blankets, space heaters, etc. is very dangerous and is strictly prohibited. Please remember that you can be held responsible for all damages to other vessels and Marina property.
  6. Laundry shall not be hung on boats, docks, or piers in the Marina.
  7. Use of the dock facilities at the Marina shall be limited to the owner and their guests.
  8. It shall be the responsibility of owners to keep their vessels in such condition that they do not become unsightly, dilapidated, or reflect unfavorably on the appearance standards of the facility. Decks of all vessels moored to the docks shall be kept free and clear of debris, bottles, paper trash, or other unsightly materials at all times.
  9. Neither the vessel nor the Marina address or phone number shall be used for business purposes.
  10. Main walkways must be kept clear at all times. Finger piers should be kept clear to enable enough room to allow boat owners access to both sides of their vessel. No over size steps or dock boxes are permitted. (Walk across dock box plans are available at the Marina office). (Please think about your neighbor when placing items on finger piers).
  11. All decks and additions must be approved before construction by the Marina office.
  12. NO hauling of fuel is permitted on docks or for dry storage.
  13. Pets are welcome on your vessel but must not be left unattended. While traveling from your car to your vessel and back, they must be on a leash and any “soiling” must be cleaned up by the owner. They may not be tied to docks, catwalks, trees, or fences. PETS ARE PERMITTED ONLY IF CONFINED TO OWNER’S BOAT.
  14. Discharge of sewage, oil or petroleum products or other pollutants into the Marina water is prohibited. Trash and garbage should be placed into the dumpster or proper receptacles. Storage of hazardous materials in dock boxes or lockers is prohibited. Violation of regulations imposed by the federal and/or state governments subjects the violator to fines up to $5,000.
  15. Pump out of waste holding tanks will be scheduled on Wednesday of each week. Notify the Marina office BEFORE Wednesday if you require a pump out. As this is a timely process and requires at least two employees, please do not ask to be pumped out unless it is needed. This service is provided free of charge so please make it as easy on staff as possible. Tie up your vessel, so your pump out is easily accessible. During summer months, the pump out on fuel dock is open 24 hours a day for your convenience should you require a pump out other than the scheduled time. Adapters are available from the Marina office and should be installed for pump out services.
  16. LIABILITY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE: Any one causing damage to the property of the Marina or other vessel owners, either by accident or negligence, will be responsible for the repairs to the satisfaction of the owner. Any accident must be reported to the Management at once. The Marina cannot be responsible for loss or damage to your vessel, or articles left aboard or attached, in case of inclement weather, fire, theft, accident or any cause beyond our control.
  17. EMERGENCIES: Violent storms or flooding may require the removal of your vessel from the Marina. The owner agrees to remove the vessel, or be responsible for any damage to the vessel, other vessels, or to Marina property. Should your vessel appear to be taking on water Marina personnel will attempt to reach the owner at the address and/or telephone number you have provided for us. If we are unable to reach you, you hereby give your permission for the Marina personnel to board your vessel and attempt to correct the problem with the understanding that no liability will be bourn by the Marina or its personnel for their action or inaction. The Marina assumes no responsibility for improperly moored vessels, but we reserve the right to replace defective lines and charge accordingly. Should your vessel sink in the basin, you agree to have it removed within twenty-four (24) hours or pay the Marina for doing it for you.
  18. SLIP ASSIGNMENT: Should some unforeseen problem arise the Management reserves the right to reassign you to another slip. Slips may not be sublet and the Management reserves the right to the use of said slip when vacant. Please do not tie boats or other water craft in empty slips, or they will be subject to be moved at owners expense.
  19. The parking lot is to be used for your personal vehicle and your guests. No parking of RVs or trailers (of any type) will be permitted.
  20. COURTESY: So we can be good neighbors to each other no swimming in the basin, no loud or boisterous language, and no loud hailers, radios, stereos, televisions, or musical instruments will be tolerated.
  21. SAFETY: Please be courteous and observe the boating rules of the water. Remember, you are responsible for any damage to seawalls, docks, vessels, people, and equipment caused by your wake. There will be absolutely no smoking or open flames within fifty (50) feet of the fuel dock.
  22. VIOLATIONS: If the owners or their guests violate any of these rules and regulations, the Management has the option of canceling the slip rent. Prepaid rent will be prorated and refunded after deduction of any claims or charges. Should this unfortunate